2018 | TERM 1 | UPDATE

Posted on January 21, 2018 by

Welcome to the 2018 Running Season!

Over the Summer break, High Cadence partnered with Gold Coast Run Co for a Summer Sessions Running Camp. The aim of the camp was to bring together runners from South East Queensland for an opportunity to train hard, learn from some great public speakers and to build social networks. It was hugely successful, so planning is underway for another camp in June/July before the Qld Schools State Cross Country Championships. Lookout for updates!


All members will be required to renew their Yearly Membership with HIGH CADENCE at the commencement of the TERM ONE coaching period.

This is valid from January to December with the perks being:

  • Membership to High Cadence and notifications/emails of different initiatives and running related information
  • E-newsletters from High Cadence
  • 10% discount on all running shoes and apparel at Shoes Feet Gear
  • Personal Accident Insurance coverage under the Athletics Australia Insurance Scheme.

All Members are required to submit a new Membership Form for the 2018 season, to ensure that your contact information is up to date.

Please note coaching fees are payable for the Term 1 coaching period at the commencement of the term.

Please see instructions below:

High Cadence is continuing it’s collaboration with Gold Coast Run Co to help people lead healthier lives through running, by aiming to assist people less fortunate than ourselves.

High Cadence has offered to assist Gold Coast Run Co, to fundraise $2000 for a school kitchen for the Irigathathi Primary School in Kenya.

Irigathathi Primary school is located in Nyeri country, north of the capital, Nairobi and close to Kenya tallest mountain, Mt Kenya. In June 2017, a group of students from The Southport School raised enough money to build the school a new kitchen (pictured).

​We now need to kit it out with stoves, cabinetry and plumbing we are fundraising $2000 to get there. Let’s get running!